Food Grade Ink

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Food Grade Ink

The Possibilities Are Endless
As technology advances, more options are available for consumers around the world. This rings true in the food grade ink industry. Companies are now able to use state-of-the-art machinery to create food grade ink efficiently. The ink dries quickly, can be placed directly on food items and is safe for consumption. They offer many colors of ink, which are constantly expanding and improving. The best part of these food grade ink choices is that they can be used for a vast food variety including egg labeling, candy branding and meat stamps. These are just a few ways to use food grade ink.

Other Uses for Food Grade Ink
Food grade ink can also be used in packaging of food products. For instance, ink can be applied to packaging bags, boxes, cans, trays, pouches and cups. All of these inks are also friendly for certain religious and ethnic groups. For example, ink companies offer Halal and Kosher varieties of food ink to ensure safe practices on all foods. Ink can also be placed onto glass bottles or aluminum cans to reflect a company's logo or other information. All inks print legibly and with vibrant colors to improve appearance of the product's packaging.

Specific Inks
Most companies are able to create custom food inks for customers who are looking for a specific theme or color for their products. It is easy to get this process started, it only requires a call to the ink company. After receiving an explanation of specific ink products needed, the food ink company can devise a unique product for its customer by simply programming pigment printers and machinery to reflect the new specifications. Food grade ink printing is an exciting new way to give products an innovative edge. It is suitable for any worldwide company.

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