Types of Products Labeled with Food Grade Ink

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Types of Products Labeled with Food Grade Ink

Types of Products Labeled with Food Grade Ink

Anyone who has purchased produce from a grocery store has most likely seen products stamped with the brand name of the company they come from. Oranges are typically stamped with the brand name using a food grade ink. Some egg companies are now stamping the outside section of the shells with their brand name as well. When companies choose to label food products directly on their peels, casings or shells, they are required to use a food grade ink for health reasons. The ink is completely safe for human consumption, which makes it the perfect way to label food products.

Safe Labels for Food Products

The ability to use food grade ink for labeling food items, ensures the products being sold will not cause harm to those who eat them. Meat processing plants often stamp the grade of meat directly onto the surface of the cut. This ensures customers that the meat was inspected and labeled accordingly. Any company interested in labeling their food products by directly stamping them, will find the food grade ink available for sale through online companies who specialize in inks for manufacturing. This type of ink can be used by local growers as a way to label the products they sell locally or nationally.

The Advantage of Direct Food Printing

The best advantage to printing directly on food is the ability to have the mark be affixed permanently. Unlike products that have stickers as labels, the printed mark can not come loose during shipping. This means customers will always see the brand name or freshness date printed on a product they purchase. Labeling items with food grade ink has become a popular way to mark cuts of meat, fresh fruits, breads and even some confections. The food grade ink could be available in a range of colors designed to work with printers made for manufacturing.

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