Choosing The Right Food Grade Ink is Important

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In recent years a new trend has emerged which allows for companies, retailers, and more to engage with consumers in new and interesting ways. Food printing allows for messages, logos, tracking codes and more to be printed directly on food products using food grade inks. These inks are not only fully digestible, but are also biodegradable, self-sanitizing, odor and taste free, and fast drying. They are a perfect way to add your message, branding, and more directly to consumable food products in a way that has never before been available.


Various Applications Means A Wide Variety of Inking Fluid Needs


There is more to food grade ink applications than direct food printing however. There are also applications for food grade ink that involve metal and glass container, Styrofoam and cardboard containers, and flexible or plastic packaging, all of which need special considerations in terms of stable and effective food grade ink. With the ever-increasing complexity of food standards, choosing the right food grade ink for your needs which meets the local and national standards for such a product in your jurisdiction can be a tough task.


Make Sure It’s Right for Your Equipment


Another consideration which needs to be taken into account is of course the type of printing system that the inks will be used on. It’s not enough to just have the right kind of food grade ink for a particular application, it’s also important to have the tight kind of inking fluids for the mechanisms which will be doing the printing. Be it high resolution, small character, large character, or even micro pigment systems, having the best inking fluid product for your application and printing equipment is a must for effective mission critical success of your operation.


Lots of Great Suppliers Are Ready to Help


The good news is that there are several high-quality distributors online who can help you choose the right food grade ink for your needs. Specialists can help processors choose the right ink for their needs, and design an effective supply source for all of their applications. Don’t take chances with your choice of food grade ink. Choose a distributor that can offer you high quality, a broad spectrum of products, and most importantly a reliable source solution for the long term.

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