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When buying foods, it is important to know the ingredients of the packaged foods.Food grade ink is used for printing related to foods. It is mandatory to read the ingredients in some countries we can clearly see what food dyes are used in the food and for the printing which reveals the classification of the food products which makes your picking the right one easy.

Printing on food is complicated and tricky which means the ink should have a certain viscosity which prevents from smearing and keeps it together and should have certain requirements as per the printing scale. What goes into them is the most important aspect of the food grade ink. Food grade ink is used by manufacturers to code their products for security reasons. Food grade inks aren't certified by FDA, but companies have to follow the materials that are safe to add for the food grade ink.

The Food grade ink should have compatibility with the surface or medium on which it is to be written. For different Inkjets different food grade inks are used. In Industrial ink jets we see ink and the make up fluid which are mixed together for proper to maintain the chemistry of the printed fluid. The coloring fluids of the food grade ink consists of food grade dye and food grade glycol which helps in printing on different food substrates.

Needham ink is a Speciality in food grade ink and have a thousands of ink formulations to for any applications. For food printing and packaging Needham ink can develop coding solutions and fluids in addition to their speciality in food grade ink. For direct food printing Needham ink has produced disinfecting, fast drying and odour free food grade ink. Food printing ink ae available as ink for egg printing, confectionery printing ink, bread printing, meat stamping ink and more.

They also produce food grade ink that is fast drying, resistant to abrasion, and legible for food packaging, cups, pouches, bags, trays, wraps and more. High volume manufacturing use non contact and printers which use CIJ and DOD inks are some of the Needham ink products.

They have a wide range of metal adhesion inks suitable for drinks, soups, sauces, vegetables in steel or aluminium cans. Off the shelf inks designed for most printer models, and thermochromics inks are their speciality. They also specialize in Glass bottle, inks and inks for most traditional labels and for cases and cartons.

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